WordPress Ecommerce Website All You Need To Know

WordPress eCommerce based website can be done very easily so you do not need to be worried about a bit. There are lot of themes and plugins available to develop eCommerce website. I will discuss every details to give you proper idea about WordPress eCommerce website.

  1. What is eCommerce website
  2. Why eCommerce Website
  3. eCommerce Website Builder
  4. Best eCommerce tools in WordPress
  5. Best WordPress eCommerce themes
  6. Best WordPress eCommerce plugins

What is Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website means where you can buy your products or services electronically on website as a buyer. As a seller, you can sell your products or services by websites. If you are selling something then you can create an eCommerce website to sell your products. If you want to buy something like laptop then you can buy it from a website and that website is called eCommerce website. You also can sell digital products like antivirus, software’s, themes, plugins etc.

  1. Quality Product
  2. Website
  3. Payment gateway like PayPal
  4. Delivery gateway like DHL etc.
  5. Manpower to manage this system
    These are the first priority ideas for eCommerce business.
    Example: Apple, walmart, Microsoft etc.

Why Ecommerce Website

In this high technological world, everyone wants to save their times, energy and money. If you want to buy a laptop then you have to go to a shop. Then you have to pay for that laptop and then you can bring it to your home. But if there any chances to buy that laptop over internet which saves your time, saves some bucks and they will bring your laptop to you at their own risk then why do not you go for that.

To increase your product selling and market value and also brand value, you definitely go for eCommerce website.

Its easy to design and develop an eCommerce website through WordPress. So, you can develop WordPress eCommerce website easily which will increase your productivity.

Ecommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce website builder can help you build your eCommerce website easily with built-in features which is important for eCommerce .But if you go for developing it then it will be painful. For example: shopping cart, the platform, product management, cost managements etc. comes first. Ecommerce website builder can help you build your eCommerce selling with their site builder. Some eCommerce website builders list are below:

  1. Shopify
  2. Bigcommerce
  3. Squarespace Commerce
  4. Weebly Commerce
  5. Volusion.com
  6. Web.com
  7. Wix.com etc.

Ecommerce Website Design

Numerous platform or CMS have some amazing and some common features for eCommerce website design. Shopify, bigcommerce and compared to them have software to build sites with extra features with exciting easy interface. But WordPress is very smart, free, reliable, easy. Using WordPress will reduce your cost. WordPress has well developed interface and widely used. You can get tremendous support by themes and plugins and many more extraordinary features contained.

WordPress eCommerce website is going to get five star because its easy to develop, almost free of all features. Compared to other eCommerce platform, WordPress is highly recommended. Megento or Joomla, Shopify and related websites are hard to develop and paid respectively. Shopify and others will give you subdomain but WordPress will give you full access for your own domain.

If you hire a developer to develop your eCommerce website using megento or Joomla then their charge will be high. But if you hire a developer for WordPress eCommerce website then the charge will be less.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Website Tools

  • WordPress itself is free to use.
  • Two most famous tools to develop your eCommerce website is WooCommerce and easy digital download plugin.
  • Many free and premium themes are available. Lots of framework for premium themes with well customized admin area and many unbelievable features to make it easy. Example: Themeforest, Themify, Genesis etc.
  • Many free and premium plugins are available. Well-developed and famous plugins are available. Both for free and paid to make your site secure and user friendly.
  • Many tools available for secure payment on your site, which is premium version.
  • Open source shopping cart are available.
  • Many plugins available to manage your cost details and calculation that will help you understand your business and sales very well.
  • You can use different currency to specific country.
  • Your sales and earnings will be in graph, which will help you understand the market value.
  • Discount code system available, which will gather more buyers for your business.
  • An awesome feature that will send you text when someone buy your product.
  • You can track your sales and earning from your both android and iOS devices.
  • Payment gateway like PayPal, Payza and credit and debit card payments plugins are available.

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Some lists of best WordPress eCommerce themes are:

Themify Framework –
a. FlatShop,
b. PinShop,
c. Shopo,
d. MinShop,
e. ShopDoc.