Full Circle Marketing – Beyond A Pretty Website

I want to take this post to talk a little about the anatomy of a healthy website with an online presesnce and what that is comprised of. Of course it starts with online real estate, i.e. a website. That is what we specialize in of course. We want the user experience to be as seamless and aesthetically appealing as possible. That’s what will help keep visitors on your site longer- a site that is easy to navigate and not too busy with other information. You’ve all seen those websites that just bombard you and pull you in all kinds of calls to action. You’re eyes are being pulled in so many directions before you just decide to give up and go to the next site. Most of the time you’re consciously unaware of why you left the site in the first place but your subconsious could tell you exactly why.

Less is More

This point has been expressed above. Why is it so important not to clutter your website? Let’s explore. for one, it forces you to streamline your message. With fewer words, pictures and clutter, you have to make those words and call to action really pop. Once you become clear about your message and convey that, you’re reader will be more clear too and more likely to take action. Your unique sales proposition is key and something that should stand out on its own. A clear, direct message will do just that. For instance, 10 words or less above the fold (that’s the space on the top of the website that one sees without having to scroll down the page), and a simple, clear image in the background… perhaps of people working or portraying the service or skill you are promoting. Take a note from our page, our diligient designers collaborating together in front of the computer screen.

Clear Message

A clear message equals more conversion. There was a study so perfectly explained in the book The Switch that showed that the more choices an individual had, the more decision paralysis they had. Amazing, right?You’d think the more choices the better, but no. Humans thrive off of 2-3 choices when making a decision and are quicker to form that decision due to less options. You might say, ok, of course it’s quicker, they have less to choose from. But the study shows that the undividual will shut down and their brain will have an adverse reaction since there’s too much information. All this relates to a cluttered website. Too many choices of what to pay attention to. Is there a subscribe option on your site? Well, no one will find it amongst the clutter.

Neon Lights

Ok, so now that we have a minimalistic website void of clutter for optimal user experience AND a clear and presice message for the user to take action, the on-page steps are in place to rock and roll. I might have put the cart before the horse here. Let’s back track a bit and find out how the user landed on our site in the first place. In a sea of millions and millions of websites of, ‘you name it, it’s there’, how will YOU get noticed and stand out above the crowd? Just like a brick and mortar business will turn on their neon OPEN sign, that is essentially what you are doing with your online business. Turning on the lights to let them know to come on in and shop..or subscribe.. or click, etc. So how do we get this perverbial neon sign in front of as many people as we can? Like any marketing medium, you want to choose the right avenue that gives you the most exposure. Something that goes hand in hand with our marketing space is search engine marketing.

The future is navigating more and more to online shopping. Not only shopping, people get their news there too. I think we can all agree (mostly) that you’ll see more news stories floating around Facebook than clicking on the 6 o’clock news channel.

Sure, you could do all this online marketing yourself. After you learn all the technical parts that encompass the scope of a digital marketing campaign but that is not your specialty and will surely take you away from why you’ve started your website in the first place.

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